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what is backlinks and how it work for website – techmonga

what are backlinks and how it works for your website-techmonga


hello guys welcome to our site today I am going to tell you that what is a backlink and how they work for your website growth

in simple words, backlinks mean connecting your site to website 

in this post, you are going to learn everything about website backlinks

so let’s get started

what are backlinks?

if you are a fresher to website development then here is everything about backlinks.

backlinks help your website to connect to another website to get their support or in other words give an indication to google about your website

for example, A have a highly ranked website and B is fresher in website creation then google try to not showing your website to visitors because every search engine never read your articles on your website because A website is already rank on google

so that why they don’t show your sites to visitors about your post

so there is a question arises that how your article rank on Google or any other search engine

for this type of problems backlinks come

backlinks help you to rank your post and website on your selected search engine and quality full backlinks drive massive traffic towards your post

how backlinks are work

so let’s check out that how your website backlinks come into work and rank your website in your competition

backlinks create a linking of your website with other websites (ranked)

whenever we create backlinks for own website it gives an indication to Google and other search engines about your post

it is because whenever peoples search about your keywords google and all other search engine try to find out all articles but some peoples don’t know how Google and other search engine select your articles

so let’s see when google find out all articles related keywords google try to find how many supporters of your articles have from another highly ranked website the articles which have a high amount of backlinks from another quality website then google always put that article on top of google search result

types of backlinks

  • do-follow.
  • no-follow.

As if you don’t know backlinks are also of two types one is a do-follow backlink and other is no-follow backlink so let’s see what is the main difference between them.

do-follow backlinks.

do-follow backlinks are those backlinks that in really support your articles on the search engine the do-follow backlinks give indication to google about your article that this is quality full article and search engine need to show your website on top pages . do-follow backlinks are highly important for your website the much you make it the best it for you to fastly rank on google generally do-follow backlinks are the backbone for your website because they boost you off-page SEO and try to drive maximum traffic towards your website. 

for example, are high ranked website on google that give you do-follow backlinks and also drive a massive amount of traffic towards your website to increase your ranking on search engines.

nofollow backlinks

no-follow is another type of backlink like do-follow backlink these are also necessary for your ranking but actually, they are very different 

as do-follow give indication to google that they support your website but on another side no-follow don’t give any type of indication for your website articles which have no benefit

for example,, where peoples asked a question related to their problems and thousands of backlinks, are created on quora by giving answers to those questions

but backlinks created with quora .com are Nofollow backlinks because indicate the google that all website link with our website we don’t support anyone

how to create backlinks

this question in today fresher in web development that how they will going to create their own links to increase their ranking

so if you do not surf on google then I tell you there is a large number of SEO tools are available which help you to research keywords competition, backlinks

there are many tools for SEO available which are not such cheap

and if you are a new website there is no benefit for  that paid SEO tools

but don’t worry these following also help you to do research

SEO tools are in web industries are

1 ahref

2 sem rush

3 ubersuggest

you only to do add keywords of your article in that tools to see that how many websites are rank on google on that particular keywords so after getting all just click on the website you can easily check their backlink from another website

which create an opportunity for you to check every website which gives them backlink so you can also create a backlink from them this is a very good and effective method

way to create backlink

there are many ways to create backlink for your website following are some very effective method which helps you to get backlink so let’s see

  • comment log backlink
  • guest post
  • infographics

1 comment log backlink

 the best method to create your backlinks for your website you only need to explore many of  websites which have a comment section  and add a comment in the comment section of the article and get a backlink to your website

2 guest post

this is one of the best methods were you get do-follow backlinks for every article you are going to write for another website 

for other website and in return they will give you a do-follow backlinks

3 infographics

this is also one of the best ways to get a backlink from another website

peoples probably don’t know about infographics that how it work

in simple words, infographics are image which contains everything about an article or another website you can easily create infographics with for another website from you to get a backlink


backlink help you to boost your website ranking and help to get #1 position on google webpage the more you backlink the more chance of your website article ranking

backlink is one of the cool ways to increase your website ranking not only do-follow but also no-follow links are also important for your website 

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