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Top free webhosting for beginner – techmonga

Top free webhosting for beginner – techmonga

top best free Webhosting for you.

hello, guys welcome back to new post today I am getting a special surprise for you the top best Webhosting for you.

in this day in starting an online business store and running up your own website online are not easy.

you have to do two many things for creating online websites such as

purchasing domain name, buying hosting plans, SSL certificate and other many things to do

today I am talking about the main part of your website, in other words, the infrastructure of your website.

which handle everything about your websites such as traffic, speed and many more.

if you are a beginner and want to start your own website for the first time.

or want to learn website designing or how to use WordPress then you are right place here today I am going to tell you the top best free hosting servers of 2020 for you which are very good and.

the one good things they have don’t have any type of hidden fees in there hosting servers.

so let’s begin.

the top best free hosting 2020

  • infinity free.
  • 000 WebHost.
  • blogger.
  • ultimate free webhost.
  • awardspace .com.
  • free hosting.

infinity free web hosting

this is one of the best and cool free Webhosting server which give many features PHP, FTP control, and one of the cool feature that is WordPress you can easily use WordPress service without incurred 0$ cost also you don’t pay for any theme all the WordPress themes are available for free.

if your beginner to website building then uses infinity free Webhosting to try out all the premium features of WordPress at free of cost.

infinity free web hosting provides “unlimited” storage and “unlimited” bandwidth, you don’t have high expectations for its features. It offers free hosting, so you shouldn’t expect the best services from infinity free.


infinity free has some cool advantage given below

  • unlimited hosting.
  • unlimited bandwidth. 
  • the latest PHP version.
  • addon domain facility.
  • WordPress.
  • mobile-friendly.


  • some times your sites may be deactivated.
  • you have to add your own SSL certificates.
  • can’t handle high traffic.
  • website speed may be low sometimes.
  • sometimes difficulty in installing plugins from WordPress.

000webhost Webhosting

this is one of the best and cool web server every created or owned by hosting . you can easily use the 000webhost without incurred any cost that why this is very good although in the free version you get only 300 MBs disk space which is not enough for running lifetime business it provides WordPress web hosting you can try out many features of this web hosting also if like this Webhosting you can upgrade your website with only very cheap cost just 0.79 $ per month which are very cheap.


  • fast, secure.
  • addon domain facility.
  • easy website builder.
  • WordPress.
  • free themes.
  • latest PHP cpanel.
  • FTP service.
  • free SSL certificates.


  • always see a logo powered by 000webhost.
  • low storage.
  • less bandwidth.
  • host one site only with one account.


this is one of my favourite web hosting service made by google everyone knows about this service well you try or not but with google blogger, you can easily host your website blogger provides you unlimited web hosting moreover free SSL automatically on in it in the latest version you also see large amount new themes . also you can add your own themes by editing in HTML

blogger is one of the free web hostings which handles your website traffic easily your website load time is very faster than ever although Blogspot is google product and google have a big server and they provide this valuable free hosting to you for host your website .also you can use your own domains or use domain but you cant any WordPress in blogger but there is cool stuff to explore just try out blogger.


  • fast and secure.
  • Addon domain.
  • free SSL.
  • unlimited hosting storage.
  • unlimited bandwidth.
  • add your own themes.
  • edit HTML.


this is one of the best free WordPress web hosting service like infinity free with ultimate free web host you can easily get unlimited web hosting service unlimited free bandwidth plus free domain of ultimate free web host there is no something special it fully looks like infinity free web hosting services.

it also provides WordPress to make fully customize your website all the themes are free and all plugins are free.


  • unlimited hosting.
  • unlimited bandwidth.
  • latest PHP version.
  • addon domain facility.
  • WordPress.
  • mobile-friendly.


  • some times your sites may be deactivated.
  • you have to add your own SSL certificates.
  • can’t handle high traffic.
  • website speed may be low sometimes.
  • sometimes difficulty in installing plugins from word press.

award space free Webhosting

award space is one of the cool website hosting company with 2.5 million users also you need to try it out they provide you many features with the free version.

following are some features in their free account.

Account expiration Never
Service Total amount Used
Disk Space 1 GB 0 B
Traffic 5 GB 0 B
Domain 1 0
Subdomain 3 0
MySQL  1 0
PostgreSQL  0 0
E-mails 1 0

as above you can read their free feature for hosting your free # 1 website no internet award space is very cool web hosting server and their hosted website speed is also very very fast up to 99.99%.


award space has many advantages.

  • fast.
  • secure.
  • addon domains.
  • no watermark on your website.
  • 3 free subdomains.


  • traffic management.

free hosting

free hosting is also one free hosting which zeroes cost from and provides a lot of cool stuff to try it provide you PHP Cpanel file manager and softaculous to install what you like or best suit for your website business.

also, you get a free professional email account.

some feature of free hosting .com.

100% free hosting for lifetime

Hosting for your own domain name

unlimited bandwidth

One-time billed Addo

  • professional emails.
  • unlimited free webhosting.
  • free subdomain.
  • lifetime access.


  • Ads. This is one of the most common problems with free web hosting plans. …
  • Shared Branding. …
  • A lack of customer support.

this is last free Webhosting provided by google for their users you only have a google account to use this google sites big opportunity moreover u get more than 15 Gb storage for your sites this is very good you can easily create any websites that you like to just only by making new google account.


  • fast.
  • secure.
  • free SSL.
  • addon domains.
  • addon domain.
  • free subdomain.
  • 15 GB of free hosting.
  • auto-link your google drive account.


  • own customization no WordPress install.

bonus tip for free Webhosting

I have a bonus tip for you if you are a beginner and don’t know about websites building or their SEO then free hosting help you to learn new things with WordPress or other things at free of cost.

I suggest u use free web-hosting for only learning purpose.

but in reality, never use free hosting sites for doing your business online.

moreover there is no benefit only your ranking is down.

your free sites are not good to handle your business website e-commerce sites.

but actually, you can these sites to see how your website will live on the internet.

free hosting services showing their own ads on your website to earn huge profit.

I suggest using some cheap hosting service to carry on business after learning from free web hosting.


these free sites have a lot of free things to learn such as PHP , SQL , WordPress if you are a beginner then there is a great opportunity to learn.



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