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top 5 ways to make your mobile super cool

 hello guys welcome to our blog and in this tutorial, we are going to learn how you can easily give your mobile a super cool look

are  you tired of using your old mobile and you don’t get any update from your operating system 

 don’t worry just make changes with your mobile to make it super cool

 what you have to do to make your mobile as a super cool mobile as other peoples

here are all the 5 ways to make mobile super cool

 use launcher

 if you are Android user or iOS user in-app store or Play Store you can easily found there are many of the launchers are available for your Android and  iPhone

 this launcher gives your mobile a cool impact

 best launchers of 2020 for your Android mobile

 GO Launcher

 Go Launcher is my favourite and I am sure this will make your mobile as crystal look just   try it one

  Nova Launcher 

 Nova Launcher is one of our favourite choices for mobile launches. this launcher has both free and paid version if you are likely to go with the free version this is a very good choice this launcher will make your mobile a super cool like Google phones

 Microsoft launcher

 Microsoft launcher is also launched their launcher for Android version and it worked very well in every Android device and some unique feature you would not otherwise expect with any other launcher

 Smart Launcher 5

 Smart Launcher 5 is another one it makes your mobile a pretty look  like Technologies you feel like working like an expert professional with this launcher you can easily customise more and more features with this launcher


 I noty it is one of the best app for your Android device it makes you feel like iOS

 you can easily download this app from Google Play Store  after installation you can customise it 

and you can easily use when you swipe up on your mobile you get all the tables option which you get on your notification bar before this thing make you mobile super coolest and pretty much good

Gesture lock

 Gesture lock is one of my favourite lock screens for my Android device I suggest you use it one time it makes you very cool look on your mobile device you can easily get this app from Google Play Store or App Store after installing just create a Gesture like a ,b, c and m anything

 when you turn on your mobile you required to draw a letter to open your mobile phone  it makes your mobile very cool


 you have to use some natural stunning Technology related wallpapers in your mobile to make it feel awesome

 there are many free sites which give you wallpapers like pixabay you can download Million wallpaper from here 

 so why are you waiting choose it from pexaby


 add some cool widgets from Google Play Store like torch, clock, weather music player on your home screen this will make  a very cool look on your mobile

 follow all the steps to make a mobile a beautiful look

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