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TOP 4 monetization method for websites

 Top 4 monetization method for website

Welcome to our blog so today we are talking about the most asked question in digital marketing 
that what are the way’s to get monetization your website
do you know after creating a website and doing SEO of the website  and getting traffic on your website 

what to next to earn money from your website

in the online market, there are many ways which help you to earn money online from your traffic on your website

here are some top monetization methods which help you to earn money from your website

1 google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize your website 
only in a few steps you will get Google AdSense approval for your website and after that just simply place Google Adsense on your website to earn money 
when you get traffic on your website there are many peoples who will definitely click on your ads and then you will get paid for your ads 
average every website use Google AdSense to monetize their website

for signup with Google Adsense
your website must meet with program polices by google AdSense to run  effective ads on your website 

2 media .net

MEDIA.NETis one of the best and alternative of Google Adsense also work in the same way as Google Adsense
for getting media .net approval on your website all of the majority traffic must become from us Canada 
for more information, you can visit their sites

3 amazon affiliate 

this monetization method is one of highest paying system by amazon if you a have a website where you get a good amount of traffic on your website then the amazon affiliate program is very best to suit you  with the amazon affiliate program you can easily add Amazon products on your website when some traffic come on your website and peoples watch the products in your website
if they are interested in buying the product and pay for the product on amazon website redirect from your website you will get a commission in your account for a successful transaction 
this is one of the biggest and higher-earning methods for you if you have a large amount of traffic on your website

4 ezoic 
ezoic is another best alternative if you only want to show ads on your website ezoic is google certified company  which help you to show ads on your website this is new and used by more than 10000+website 

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