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Tips and tricks GA website is not ranking on search engine

 how to increase traffic on your GA website from search engine 

is your website is still not ranking on search engine what a reason behind this 
do you know there are many things which stop your website to grow 

so don’t worry today we are going to learn one of the best tips and tricks to rank your website on google search engine also on another search engine

the reason why your website not ranking on search engine 

did you know there are many problems which stop the growth of your website on google and another search if you have a website or any other website you can’t rank if you ignore this problem? many peoples create a website but while posting articles on the website they fail peoples and developers generally don’t know how to write and on which keyword has to rank on google and another search engine  the biggest thing peoples ignore is SEO because SEO has much impact on ranking on google 


how to increase traffic and ranking on google for GA website 

to increase traffic on google search engine by adding a post on your website so what you have to do first 
you have to follow some steps 
1 low competition keywords
2 backlinks

low competition keywords, first of all, you need to find out the low competition keywords 

if you are a beginner and try to find out the keywords which  are low competition

backlinks  after finding the keywords for low competition optimize your keywords in your post and then create backlinks for your website 

now all of your work is complete  one thing more SEO takes the time it takes time to rank your articles on google and another search engine 

increase website 

one more thing try to increase your website speed because it is very necessary google generally rank only that website which loads faster because it is very important to ranking on search engine 

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