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the top online job which helps to earns 5K$/month

 Top online job to earn 5k $ per month

guys welcome to another article so today we are talking about the best and effective online jobs work to earn huge money up to 5K$ per month easily so without wasting time let see

What are the highest paying online jobs?

well, there are many things to do online but which online work makes you rich see I know you see many of videos online about how to earn money online, What are the highest paying online jobs?

after watching those shit videos you will fail to earn money and all you afford are going to waste

in this article, I am going to tell you the real and genium working methods help you to earn real cash all the methods of work I am going to tell you I already use that don’t worry

these are some top online job

  • Fiverr
  • amazon affiliate
  • youtube
  • blog

so let’s start


Fiverr is one of the best top online job and the biggest online company which help you to meet client-related or make you as a freelancer for other peoples

in simple words

Fiverr is online marketplaces for peoples like your services. The Fiverr provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide

what you need to work on Fiverr all you need to signup on fiver and create your profile with a brief introduction about yourself by introduction I mean which work you know more such as you can create a website for other peoples or create a logo for other people business, graphic design and many other things

after creating your profile just create a gig the term gig on Fiverr means an offer for other peoples such as I will do website designing for you

all your gig price start from 5$ to 1000$ easily

so if you get 50 orders daily from Fiverr of 5$ then you can easily earn 50$ to 100$ this is the very best method to earn huge amount of money online

here is a proof you can check

top online job

amazon affiliate

amazon affiliate is also one of the biggest and highest paying in this modern online age if you don’t know about the Amazon affiliate program you can check also read this ultimate guide to amazon affiliate or in other simple words it amazon affiliate program help you to earn commission on every product which is sold by you to your customers

you only need to signup on the amazon affiliate program and give your identity and after filling the required just you need to select the products

but wait I suggest you create a website or any type of medium to drive traffic towards your website suppose if you have a website and easily drive huge traffic to add you products on left or right side of the webpage when any interested in buying your product or buy any of your product from amazon within 24 hours you will earn a commission on every sale

also, amazon ask you while filling that how you will drive traffic towards on you affiliate products

but if you new in and don’t have funds to host your website just start free blogger .blogger is free and you don’t have to pay anything and only if you like you can purchase and add your custom domain in a blogger’


if you have any type of talent like you know about technology, comedy, cooking or another thing that you need to start a youtube channel

yes with youtube you can easily earn huge amount of money when you drive traffic towards your videos

but you need a lot of patience to succeed in youtube because as per new youtube policy you require 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribe to start


if you love to write about anything on the website then blogging is one the best way t start your earning online you can easily earn 10K $ if you highly SEO your blog and beat your competition shoutmeloud owner harsh Aggarwal earns 40000$ per month from their website they only write one single topic how to earn

if you are new just start with blogger and add a custom domain in it to earn huge profit there are many ways to monetize your blog such as Google Adsense, amazon affiliate just start a new blog

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