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The cloud door 1994 movie directed by mani Kaul- reviews

 The cloud door– बादल द्वार, german: Die Himmelspforte is an Indian movie released in 1994 .the door cloud is a german drama movie .this movie is directed by India biggest director MANI KAUL cloud door featured Hindu erotic literary themes.

cloud doors movie is one of the oldest movies in India and produced by the german producer Regina and this movie was featured along with other short films Mani Kaul drew three literary sources for the cloud door movie: the play Avimaraka, and written around 5th-7th century; the epic love poem, written in the 13th century; and the erotic Indian tales Suksapiti.

story of cloud door

An Indian king overhears a parrot telling erotic stories to his daughter. he wishes to kill the parrot. The princess comes and saves the parrot’s life by explaining to her father that the bird does not know what it is saying. At that moment, the bird flies to the princess’s lover and leads him through a labyrinth to the princess’s private chambers. The princess and the lover spend the night making love all the storytime is only 29 minutes


In January 1995, The CloudDoor was screened once of the international film of India this movie released in Mumbai the cloud door is an erotic tales program based.  The single-screening of the film caused an uproar due to its erotic nature and on-screen nudity and resulted in the police being called in to prevent violation in-crowd

this movie is released in two languages Hindi and german.

more about this movie

title – the cloud door

director mani Kaul
producer Regina
written by mani Kaul
music by Ustad Zia

Cinematography Anil Mehta

edited by Lalitha Krishna

released date 28 Sep 1994

running time 29 minutes

country german and India

language Hindi and german

content erotic

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