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Start earning with amazon affiliate program : A step by step guide

 Amazon affiliate program: A  complete step by step guide.

these days are large quantity of sources of income from online but today we are talking about.

Amazon affiliate.

which is also known as amazons associations

with affiliate marketing program you can easily earn more than 5000 $ per month only by following some few steps.

so let’s get started with some basic overview of amazon affiliates program

affiliates marketing is a program run by the well-known world biggest e-commerce website

from amazon, you can easily buy anything that you want for you.

there is a large number of products available on amazon according to an estimate amazon have more than 150 million products.

and also amazon is a large revenue-earning e-commerce website.

therefore amazon runs their own programs to peoples.

some famous programs of amazon .com.

  • amazon prime video.
  • amazon kindle.

and one of them is amazon affiliate marketing program run by Amazon.

what is amazon affiliates marketing?

amazon affiliate marketing program is a new way to monetize your online business and earning huge profit amazon affiliate program is free for website developers and bloggers to sale their products.

generally with the amazon affiliate program, you can add Amazon products to your website or any online source social media platform like Facebook fan page anything you have.

you just only need to add amazon affiliate products to your website like we place ads with Google Adsense.

and when someone wants to purchase the product and click on amazon affiliate ads on your website .the users redirect to amazon to fill details and pay with his payment method.

after a successful payment within 24 hours, you get a commission for selling products.

the main question of how to started with amazons affiliate marketing to monetize your website and earning a huge amount of profit.

before starting with this program have to know some rules eligibility of amazon affiliate program.

Amazon affiliate program rules and eligibility

Amazon has some guidelines for users to follow before joining with an amazon affiliate program, so you agree with amazon affiliate program following are guidelines, rules and eligibility.

  • have to sell amazon products by adding amazon trademark.
  • you are not engaged in any type of advertising for amazon products.
  • delete any type of products which are recommendation remove from
  • u cant add any type of bid for showing amazon products while user purchasing.
  • u must have to tell your website link so that you are eligible for earning with amazon affiliates program. 
  • you have to agree that you do not make any false deception towards their recommendation.
  • you don’t make any false changes their product prices.
  • don’t use link shortener site for amazon affiliates marketing
  • don’t sell any type of emails to peoples regarding selling your amazon affiliates marketing products.
  • you have to sell one product in more than six months of joining otherwise you are removed from the amazon affiliate program.
  • don’t force people to buy your affiliate products.
  • you don’t need to make any modification with amazon affiliate links.
  • You will not make any type of confusion or as to the site on which any functions or transactions (e.g., search, browse, or order) are occurring.

how you become an amazon affiliate

for becoming a success full amazon affiliate marketing business you must have some work to clear before joining with an amazon affiliate program.

1 you must have a blog or website

you can easily create your blogs with google blogger or create the best website with the help of WordPress because this is the first requirement for joining with amazon affiliate marketing just purchase your favourite domain name start your website with some cheap hosting plans.

2 go to amazon affiliate program website to signup

this is a most useful step so don’t scroll down when you visit on amazon affiliate program website you can on the top right corner join now for free signup with new amazon account or choose sig in option to next process.

3 create your affiliate profile with

this is an important step where you have to add some information regarding your profile such what is your name and what is your home address your contact information and other basic account information also if you are belonging from India then you have to add some government issue document such as adhar-card or pan number because this compulsory for register with an amazon affiliate program.

4 adding your website address to an amazon affiliate program

in this step, you have to only add your website address that you are going to use for monetizing a website with amazon affiliate if you don’t have a website don’t worry you can use your Facebook fan page otherwise amazon have another option available for you that if you any type of mobile app such as the browser you can also add to become amazon affiliate.

5 adding your preferences store id

this is a very important and large amount of peoples don’t know about what is preferences id don’t worry this is not any type of complex thing it is the name which you want to use in an amazon affiliate link.

whenever you click on amazon product on your website you can see in main URL box you see your account name you can easily add your own website name or any type of person name you like.

also, there are some more options regarding your website such as your website address and what your website is about such as based on technology or entertainment.

6 how you will drive traffic towards your article

amazon affilaite

this is the sixth step where amazon ask you how you drive traffic towards your website, how you can earn money through your website or app.

what is the main source of your website monetize such as Google Adsense, Facebook ads

after filling this details you have to fill captcha code in amazon affiliate program so you agree with term condition of an amazon affiliate program.

7 complete your identification id

here in this step, you have to add your mobile number and select call me option to verify your identity by clicking on call me or generate a one-time password you have to fill otp you get on your phone.

once the verification is complete you can easily explore amazon affiliate program and start earning or if you from another county some time you have to add some more details in it to verify.

suppose you are from India and you have to add you government issued proofs such as your pan card or good service tax number to verify your identity.

9 choose how you will get paid from the amazon affiliate program

generally, in this step, you have to add your bank details with amazon so you get paid from amazon affiliate marketing program but keep in mind you must have 10 $ in your account to get a payout in your bank account.

How to use amazon affiliate

now the main work comes in force you have to use the amazon affiliate program after signup on amazon affiliate program how to use let see.

open you amazon affiliate main dashboard.

here you can see option product linking.

just search for something from amazon a large amount of variety of products.

add your product keyword and hit the search button.

select the product that you like to add in your website.

then after selecting you to get a code of HTML for an amazon affiliate product.

you only need to select and copy the code for your website.

and add your copy code in the HTML form of your post.

now your product is live on your website you got start earning from your website with an amazon affiliate program.

whenever somebody clicks on your product while on surfing on your website the user redirect to

if the interested in buying the product and pay for it.

you get a commission of some amount in your account for selling an amazon affiliate product.

moreover not only within a click you can get a commission for amazon product if users click on the product and purchase within any time of 24 hours of clicking on your amazon product from your website you get a commission for such transaction this is a very good thing which I like in amazon affiliate program.

also with amazon affiliate program peoples have some queries you get the answer of all type of queries here.

does amazon affiliate pay for clicks?

the simple answer is no amazon affiliates program is never pay you for clicks

because Amazon has no benefit to click or watching their product until someone not interested in purchasing their product.

amazon affiliate is not like Google Adsense which pay for a click on ads.

you can only get referrals commission for selling their products.

generally, if someone clicks on your ad and interested in purchasing your product by making any payment.

only then, in that case, you will get a commission.

amazon affiliate commission rate

peoples have the biggest question that how much amazon affiliates program for successful purchase through your website.

following are commission rate given by an affiliate program for their different products.

Toys and Baby Products, Home, Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen & 8-9% Housewares 8-9%
Sports and Outdoors | DIY  Tools 8%

the above-given commission rates are mainly real-time of writing article

the commission rate is maybe changing from time to time you can also check from amazon affiliates program

can I post amazon affiliates links on Facebook?

the main doubt is that can I post amazon affiliates links to their Facebook so the simple answer is yes

for this, you must have a Facebook fan page with a high amount of followers so to get high traffic on links

there are large amount Facebook page admins who use amazon affiliates program to monetize

their Facebook fan page .because these are the main source of earning of them

how much do amazon affiliates marketers make?

the most of peoples asked one single question how much I make with amazon affiliates program

the answer is if you have a quality website where you get a large amount of traffic on your website

like another website you can earn more than 5000$ to 10000$ around if you have traffic in millions

affiliate is a good source of income nowadays people more prefer to use this for their website monetization

what is the average convert for amazon affiliate?

as per an estimate, the average conversion rate for the link is 0.5 % to 1 %

because every customer does not like to purchase a product by clicking on amazon affiliates ads

bonus tip

here I have a bonus tip s if you never use an amazon affiliate program

for the first time, you must have to do some task before using amazon affiliates program

that is you must have to create a website writing articles or creating some online tools

so you get a huge amount of traffic towards your website

then only this affiliate marketing help you to earn a huge amount of traffic

the 2nd bonus tips for you that while adding products in your website

add more than 5 product in a single page so you get traffic towards your selling product

add some disclaimer such as you are adding tv in your website from amazon

then add some details in a single line below your amazon product that best-led tv on amazon to make it eye cache

so higher chance that your traffic become customers for buying tv then you earn a huge amount of profit

use some social media such as Facebook fan page to drive more traffic towards your affiliate product


earn huge amount of profit if you have a high amount of followers but is suggested to use some website or blogs to get traffic

if you are a student and want to start a business online you have a large amount from amazon products

just add on your site blog or fan page start selling and earning referrals fees

in other words, this is the best way to monetize your website so you can earn high profit

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