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Make business online with google adwords :A step by step guide

Make business online with Google Adwords: A step by step guide

make business successful with Google AdWords

I have many friends who are doing their business in the offline market when they start making money. They want to earn more or some say  I want to double X my earnings.

Some of my friends said that ‘share market  business is very good or real estate business

And then my opinions grow your business with Google AdWords.

My friends ask me what is Google AdWords is

I said Google AdWords is one of the products of Google which helps you to make your business goes online.

If you want to make you’re earning increase up to 4x then Google AdWords is the best choice.

you know the cost and margin of your product then Google AdWords will be going to be worth for you.

Your business capital ROI goes on increasing hundred times of percentage.

ROI means this is an example for your ROI return on investment of you spent 200$on Google AdWords then you get 660$ back from the advertisement.

Google AdWords tutorial overview.

So today I am going to tell you the simple secrete about Google AdWords that a lot of people don’t know.

SEO + content is a powerful East to make your website #1 rank on Google but your needed lot of patience. On the other hand, Google AdWords is opposite to this step

You rank easily with Google AdWords just in an hour. If you doing it the right way you will get a result from Google AdWords within an hour.

The best part of Google AdWords is it is fast and the performance is very best.

 Hear what I mean

I talked about pay per click PPC advertisement system.

PPC means you should only to pay for result in other words if someone visits on your website through Google AdWords.

The client visits on your site through Google AdWords advertisement and only for visitors you have to pay.

Google AdWords is the best advertisement system because of any reasons

1 Google AdWords is based on PPC  pay per click.

2 Google AdWords is not like other companies like based on CPM

which charges for giving ads or watch by the person and getting zero results.

3 Google AdWords Charge from you for the result which means no result? No click? No payment.

But this is not only the benefit

When you looking for a product on Google you will write words about your product on Google which help to buy the product.

Google AdWords helps you to place your ads on Google search about your favourite keywords.

For example, if you started the shoe business and want to place ads on Google AdWords.

then Google keywords planner help you to choose best keywords such as Best shoes, long shoes, short shoes.

it is easy for you and Google to make your ads working effectively on Google

so you get the high result and grow your business with Google AdWords keywords planner.

They went Google AdWords is so better (powerful) and profitable.

On every 3$ spent on Google AdWords Google get 1$ from is an advertisement.

Over 90% revenue of Google come from Google AdWords. Because Google has the largest advertising system ever.

Combine that what the fact that over 1 million business use it and companies are seriously spent on advertisement because it worth for company growth.

Google AdWords is a market place where companies spent money to make their business ranked on the top page of Google search engine

throughout choosing Various type of keywords ( keywords best shoes, long shoes ) for shoe business.

But Google wants to rank a big brand on their top search pages for example in pizza business  Domino’s pizza are highly ranked on Google.

No matter pizza is cool

Instead of waiting to create wonderful content and links in just a few months, you’re going to rank the first position of Google.

Google AdWords also has a bonus for you it helps you to know  money making keywords with the help of

Google keywords planner.

ALSO, learn Facebook ads 

AdWords is like a market place based on an auction system

where you have to bid for your ads to get rank on top pages of Google.

You will pay for your ads on an auction bid system on highly ranked keywords.

For example, if you have a pizza store and want the advertisement with Google AdWords you will have to search for highly ranked keywords on Google

with Google keywords planner here such cheese pizza is highly ranked keywords where are large amount search on Google 10 million then you have to pay higher bid for your advertisement for rank on this keyword.

On another hand, if cheese pizza keyword has low search volume  suppose 100k searches per month

CPC is low ads to Google AdWords for rank on these keywords.

Million searches =higher bid

Lower searches =lower bid

‌People bid  for clicks but higher bid does not always work because they are a large amount of competition 

and content full site so whenever you try to advertise on Google you need to create highly content full site and use search engine optimization SEO for your site.


Before began. On Google AdWords

3 common tips before began on Google AdWords.

1 set a fixed budget such as 25$ to 50$ per month.

2 be patient over 90% of people money lost due to fast or over investment

in a day in Google which bring nothing.

3 never over complicate things AdWords is complex easy to lose our ready to get dozen of traffic.

Let’s started with basic.

How to use Google AdWords.

First, we need to start with a basic overview that everyone needs to be known

Here are some basic thing to know

Keywords:- a keyword is a word or phrase which generally help you to rank on Google such as on all over world’s there are a huge number of people searching on Google about various things.

The topic that they or the easy to search in Google about something is called keywords.

There is a lot of example of keywords ”how to make coffee ”, cheap mobile devices,iPhone, best cosmetic.

The dashboard of Google AdWords is complicated.

When you are set a budget for ads Google starts showing ads on search engine and Google AdWords Charge from you for every single click on your ads Google AdWords also tell you how many times your ads are showing on the search engine.

Click through rate:- you might think CTR what is CTR

CTR generally means click-through rate it is just calculated by dividing click by impression, you get

CTR is just a percentage of user who lands on your advertising page

because when they click on your ads.

One thing you will know AdWords is an auction system where everyone come

and bid for higher for every advertisement suppose if ( A) bid 5$for his business ads on  Google AdWords.

And (B) come and give ads bid 15$ Google while more preferably showing B ads on top keywords webpage @1 position on another hand of you bid 5$and

you have more competition then no one gives ads on that topic. Google will show your ads on top pages.

Google generally showing ads to people on their relevancy pages such as their taste like and dislike matters for Google.

If a person searching  about Nike shoes on Google after someone he gets ads from Nike shoes

Conversation:- everything is useless if you don’t get the conversation

conversation means the action which you want from your users who click on your ads.

There are large companies who set their daily budget for advertisement in Google AdWords.

Suppose if you make 10 companies required on Google with different keywords then you need to spend 10$per day budget for each company.

 Then you get a budget of 3000 $ per month.

But all money has no use of don’t get conversation.

A conversation is an easy way that leads to an increase in your sales the action that helps to grow your business by increasing is a conversation

so the conversation is very important for you Google advertisement clicks.

If you want to make money through AdWords then you need to sell something to get a return from your advertising.

If you not selling anything then you do not get any conversation.

Now let going deeper than Google AdWords works. There are a lot of factors that determine two things basically.

1 how much you will going to spend on your ads.

2 where your ads are going to rank on keywords.

Here  I going to tell you the secret how actually Google AdWords process your ads or how Google AdWords works.

On Google AdWords, you bid on any keywords where you like to rank.

After bidding on your favourite keywords ( what someone searches about )

Google combines different factors to affect the work of your ads.

And how ads offer best suitable for searching users.

Google show your ads to people who have an interest,

taste, like on that type of product for what your advertisement.

For example, if you place your ads on a keyword such as a branded t-shirt  and you sell shirts here

Google AdWords shows your ads to more relevant persons.

As we know that a large number of people bidding on the same keywords your ads show to people on their relevance basses Google have a large amount of data of every single Google users about where he goes.

   what he was surface on Google what is his preference.

and other Google process data and show your ads to people who interest in branded t-shirt keywords.

So from the above example, it is clear that how Google AdWords show your ads.

Let go talk about 2nd factor  CTR.

When your ads impression was given to peoples who searches on keywords and when ads viewer clock on your ads

basically, CTR click-through rate is a calculation how much your clicks but the viewer of your ad

higher CTR considered being best for you higher CTR tells how your advertisement is matched with the relevance of viewers of your ads.

Then Google looking for you CTR and forecast future on to determine how well your ads matches.

The landing page where you go after a click on ads

must be user friendly there is no type of complexity otherwise user live your site.

Landing page.

A landing page is a URL or a webpage of your website where you want traffic from users who click on your ads a landing page must always be designed to focus a specific product.

Your landing page must be your offer friendly so it becomes easy for the user to take any action on your site your landing page must be highly attractive when you advertise on Google Ad Words also your landing page must be mobile-friendly otherwise your advertising has no means.

The more complex landing page user who clicks on your Google ads leave your site immediately and then your ROI return on investment will going to decrease.

One thing very important in Google AdWords is ads rank.

Ads rank means how many time your ads rank on the different webpage of Google search engine sometimes your ads rank higher than your competitor’s websites.

And then CPC cost per click you pay for advertisement or determined by Google AdWords.

The cost per click that you are paying for your advertisement may be very different and based on Google keywords ranking that how many amounts of people searching for your keywords higher searching of keyword higher chance of getting high CPC.

That feels so expensive the bid for ads may go high in the case when there are higher searches of keyword you can go and check Google keywords planner before placing your ads.

However, read this full guide to know how to bid low and earn a huge amount of traffic towards your advertisement.

There are some steps you have to follow to create effectively as with Google AdWords

Step 1 getting ready with AdWords or setup first. Campaign.

go to Google AdWords and hit start now.

Sign up with your Gmail address and carry on the process.

After sign up with Gmail account, Google AdWords let us create or fill your first campaign.

Take a deep breath! And fill the form.

Here what you have to fill now.

Step 2 set your budget in Google AdWords

As we know budget is the first task on the list you will have to select your daily budget for your ads showing on Google search engine or any other Google platform while selecting budget for your Google ads on daily basis must ensure before getting the idea that how many visitors come on the landing page may be converted into your customers and purchase your products that available on your landing page.

If your not user friendly with Google AdWords then select low budget such as 1$ to 5$ on daily basis.

It is because I tell you that the conversation rate of visitors to customers at your site to product is only 2% normally.

After selecting your desired budget just go on the third step.

Step 3 select your target audience.

In this step, you have to mention Google AdWords about which type of audience you want for your ads.

You have to specify the geographical location of your audience.

For example:- if you doing business in the USA  then generally geographically location of your audience this is a very useful feature it helps you determined that your ads are going to show to that audience who conduct a search for your keywords that for your bidding.

Then if you explore advance search option here you gain access to radius targeting such as only specific city or the entire country of you like to sell something only in your city. You bid highly for 10, miles and bid lower for under 50 miles.

Step 4 choose a network.

Here what you have to do you have to now select the network where your ads on search engine result and another website that show your ads the search network put your ads on Google SERP.

THE best way of showing ads for the first time is on search result where Google target to your current audience which searches for your ads keywords display ads in a search engine are the best method of advertising.

It generally has a CPC cost and increases your ROI return on investment.

More the visitors more clicks on ads more return on investment.

Choosing a network generally means is you want to select Google search network or display network.

Google Search Network:- showing ads on Google main page where the result is showing

Display network:- display your ads on a website platform or any webpage of the website

Step 5  choose Google keywords.

Google keywords are search term or phrase a user Search on Google for keywords

Now what you have to do just select the keyword that you want and keywords where your ads will begin to show when someone searches for those keywords.

Google keywords provide you with a lot of keywords with their search volume CPC cost per click and competition in that keyword.

For example, suppose once you start your business is a mechanic of the bike and you want to show your ads on Google then following 4 steps and then you have to select your keywords from Google keywords planner.

For bike repairing, there are some best suggestion for keyword

” royal Enfield bullet service ”

“Royal bike service”

“Cheap bike service”

Here in this step, you will select best from your mind the keyword

you will select must have higher search volume and low competition which help you to drive a higher volume of traffic to your landing page

You can also select more than 5 keywords where you want to show your ads on Google search engine.

As mention earlier Google AdWords is an auction site where you have to bid for keywords take in mind selecting high volume keywords to have high bid which is going to be very expensive.

Are you want to low your cost per click then select some relevant keywords that have medium search volume.

Types of keywords

Keywords match:- there are 4 types of keywords match that Google AdWords u are using it generally help you to show how your ads going to display.

Broad match:- the term broad match is default setting of Google AdWords it helps to reach wider audience network Google AdWords

show your on irrelevant keyword also by changing the form of plural singular terms it helps higher to reach Google AdWords higher click on your ads.

For example, you might target bike repairing keywords but also your ads showing on car repairing keywords.

Phrase match:- phrase match have even more control it means the keywords you select for your ads are only showing on your specific keywords.

For example, if your target keywords or bike repair in Ludhiana then your ads are only showing on this keyword instead of Ludhiana bike repairing.

Exact match:-exact match also helps you to grow your ads as it names exact match means when someone search for identical to your keywords for using exact match put brackets before and after your keyword in Google AdWords.

Negatives keywords:- negative keyword is only useful if you sell some product or giving service this help you that your keywords ads of not shown to irrelevant.

Basis audience.

Step 6 setting bid for your ads.

As we know there is an auction system for placing ads and there you have to pay for only when peoples are click on your ads.

But keep in your of your bidding on a highly ranked keyword where a large amount of competition then you have to pay higher bid because you have high competition with this keyword 

the more you bid for your ads more your ads are ranked on Google and the high chance of getting a click on your ads when you will bid for your ads you are seeing two options.

‌ a first option where Google select your maximum budget for you

‌ where you can manually select your budget for your ads.

If you have no experience with Google AdWords then you must to select lower bid for your ads. Don’t make to fast. Because there is highly competitor in your selected keywords.

For example, if in starting you pay 50$per week and your competitor pays much extra for their ads on the same keywords then their ads are showing on top then your ads and then you have no benefits of using Google AdWords and all your money are going to waste.

Because this is an auction system.

Therefore I am telling be slow for the first time of your not user friendly with Google AdWords system take low competition keywords to bid for your ads small I never suggest 1 option where Google AdWords try to automatically select your budget.

Step 7 contents for your ads.

This is most difficult part writing your ads while writing your ads make it sure the way you write may be clear everything that you want to show in your ads the message you write in ads should be clearly communicating your offer this makes a user click on your offer through your ads.

You can also hire someone for writing your ads of you has big company a professional business.

In starting Google AdWords for the first time you can write your own ads by very simple steps.

‌ landing page.

First, you have to select a landing page.

Where you want visitors to make sure that your landing page must be content full.

Google AdWords allows you to write more than two headings.

Heading 1 and heading 2

In every heading, you can write more than 30 characters.

Your ads heading must simple short and meaningful.

Write your heading in such a way that you offer should be clear to the visitors.

‌ description.

In the description field, you have to write more than 80 characters all your message and offer must be clear on the description

also, make it possible to add some discount on the description field which ensure users to click on your ads

use Grammarly to avoid grammar mistake your description must include at least one keyword for your ads for which your ads are base. 

‌ ads preview.

On the right side, while writing your ads see how your ads looking like on Google search engine result

You can also make chance by setting how actually your ads looking on Google search engine.

Step 9 save your ads.

After creating ads on Google AdWords hit the save button here Google ask some of the questions regarding your ads.

Here what Google asks

Google ask only two questions about

The business you occupied.

And payment information.

Business:-what is your current business you are doing it what is the purpose of your ads

For example, giving ads for car repairing then you have to select a car mechanic.

‌ payment information:-the second question Google ask is about your credit card details or debit card details.

When your selected budget exhausted on after 30 days Google AdWords Charge from your bank or from credit card details.

Conversation source:-this is the good thing about Google AdWords that is provided with a highly useful conversation source.

If you doing small business then it is very helpful

The two main conversation source is

Mobile:-when mobile visitors call you by getting your mobile number through Google ads.

Website:- when you directly visit on your ads landing page but click on your Google ads.

The conversion makes ads more effective for tracking Google conversation you must have to connect your website with Google analytics code Google analytics show you how many people visit your Google ads landing page.

With Google Analytics, you can also hire many live time users on your ads or website.

And if you want to track mobile call of your ads you can call Rail software it is very useful software it will help you manage your call on your website.

Call Rail can easily be connected with.

 WordPress Just install plugins

Quality score:-quality score is assigned by Google to your ads Google track performance of your ads to see how your ads are relevant to your keyword. Google AdWords uses the quality score to rate your ads on your keywords by using quality score Google track the relevance of your ads.

There are 3 types of relevance tested by Google

Percentage clicks:-how many time users click on your ads by relevance.

Landing page:-how many time users like to visit in your landing page.

Ads relevant:-when a user Search about knowing how many time your ads are matching with search keyword.

You can also check your ads quality score through Colum under Google AdWords.

The quality score also affects CPC cost per click of your keyword the higher the keyword quality score the higher chance of more CPC.

The best quality score for the keyword you have to select is seven out of ten because seven quality scores are best.

‌ advantage of using Google AdWords.

Google AdWords is very powerful tools for advertising and it is always with to invest if you want to grow your business in the online business world.

benefits of using Google AdWords.

  • ‌precious targeting.

  • keyword planner.

  • ‌ create brand awareness

  • target specific devices

  • increase ROI

  • result is measurable

  • grow fast traffic

  • control your budget

  • specific devices

Precious targetingprecious targeting one of the biggest advantages of Google AdWords you can make precious targeting precious targeting one of the cool features in Google AdWords.

Suppose you started a business. Particular City and you have a different fund available to sell out operate your business in global level or all over the country.

Then in this case precious targeting feature is very useful you can target your ads in a specific region or city.

You don’t need to pay for ads on a global level.

For an example of a person have to shop in Ludhiana city and he wants to expand his business in the Ludhiana city only then in this case he can use precious targeting in Google AdWords to make expand his business in that only city showing ads in a specific city.

Benefits of precious targeting.

Low CPC.

Faster then SEO

Low competition because all your competitor operates on a global level

Effective method

2 pay only for the result – One of the cool and best is you have to pay only for result Google AdWords is the best advertising system where you invest any time it is worth Google AdWords is never like another advertisement platform which charge from you for CPM cost per impression here in Google AdWords you have to pay zero fees if you don’t get a result.

By result I mean if someone views your ads but don’t take any action such as click then you don’t have to pay.

On another hand, if someone gets attract towards your ads and click on your ads then only in that case you have to pay this is the best advantage I like on Google AdWords.

Zero click = 0$ CPC.

Google AdWords also tell you how many time your ads showing to people and how many people are attracted to your ads and how many time people search about your Google keywords.

Google keywords planner:– Google AdWords provides you with many features. One of the best features in Google AdWords is Google keyword planner.

While creating and publishing ads on Google search engine.

Google AdWords offers you Google keywords planner.

Google keywords planner help you to research keywords for your ads.

The phrases or search term used to search on Google is the keyword.

When your item Google keywords planner you see a large number of keywords related to the topic of your ad.

You can also check how much traffic on your keyword related to the topic of your ad.

You can also check how many time traffic on your keyword. How much traffic on a keyword. How much cost is to advertise in that keyword.

For example, if your car mechanic and want to advertise with Google search engine

then use Google keywords planner

it shows you keywords or searches term related to your business such as royal car repairing mechanic.

You can check how many traffic that royal car repairing keywords and

then you see how much Google charge from you to show advertisement in Google keywords.

‌ create brand awareness:-it is a powerful advantage of Google AdWords through the advertising you can create brand awareness.

When you create a better landing page and use higher ranked Google keywords for your ads in Google AdWords. The more and more traffic is user attract towards your ads.

The higher chance of visiting on your landing page.

The powerful ads create impression on the mind of users. Which help to create brand awareness

For example, suppose you have a t-shirt business in the offline market. And want to create awareness about your brand then Google AdWords is only the best way to create brand awareness in the mind of users who are attracted towards your ads of someone purchase any t-shirt from your ads landing page.

A user may tell others about the quality of product to others and this process creates a chain who know about your brand that why this is the best way to make awareness about your brand.

You must have to sell if you really want to create awareness about a brand like Amazon. Com Flipkart.

‌ faster than SEO:-Google AdWords is a very powerful advertising system and it is much faster than website SEO ( search  engine optimization)

When you create ads in Google AdWords after choosing your favourite keywords for your ads.

You can see that whenever you search on Google about any keywords look that is always showing on

#1 position rather than any other ranked website so in this way, Google AdWords in much faster than SEO whenever you place your ads on Google

the higher chances of getting more traffic because your website ads are #1 rank on Google that why you are.

Going to drive a large number of customers

With Google AdWords, you don’t need to create any type of backlinks and higher

Search engine optimization on Google

You just page need to create beautiful and user-friendly landing page for your Google ads for getting results such as selling products or giving any service which defines increase Your return on investment.

‌ target specific device this is the best feature in Google AdWords you can.

Target specific device for your ads.

There is a large amount of device use by people such as Android iPhone windows Linux etc so to make best possible effective use of Google ads u can target specific devices as which suit your business ads best.

For example, if you want to show ads to mobile users you can target Android device. Which means whenever you give ads on Google search engine the only people who search for ads keywords in mobile getting your ads impression.

Also, you get two more facilities which target specific devices of you to want to show your ads for website URL you can select the desktop device or if you want to give your business mobile number in Google ads you can select a mobile device.

By this way, you can make it easy for people to contact you through the website and by calling easily.

The mobile user calls you my getting ads.

Desktop users surf website from your Adwords ads

‌ increase ROI:- ROI means the return on investment. Google AdWords is very helpful in increasing ROI. As per ab estimate, Google AdWords increase your business ROI by 330% whenever you place ads through Google AdWords.

 does not matter whether you showing ads on Google search engine or other Google platform YouTube video ads in simple words it means that if you invest 2$in your advertisement and earn 3$ as an average profit by showing ads.

As in this way the Google AdWords, hello you to increase the growth of your business.

For example, if you sell t-shirt through Google ads your CPC is 2$ and your t-shirt selling price is 20$then if you 100 clicks worth 200$ CPC

Then an average of 40 people attracts towards your t-shirt or if from 40 people’s visiting only 25 people interested in buy your shirt then 25×20$ =500$.

Now subtract your t-shirt Price from as cost =roi.

‌ The result is measurable:-one of the best advantage of Google AdWords of you can track the performance of your advertisement showing to users in Google AdWords you can easily trace where your traffic comes from or how many clicks you get on your advertisement.

If you target a specific region and specific devices. You for all details about which device crib it’s location get attracted towards your ads.

Through Google AdWords, you can easily calculate your investment your budget made on Google ads.

Calculation of Roi become very easy in Google AdWords.

If you want more wide-scale result details you can also use Google another product Google analytics signup in Google analytics and add details about your website and after doing this and add Google analytics code in your website header page you can easily track any result Live time people are on your site.

The page people like to view

How many time people watch your product.

Grow fast traffic as in modern world day setting up a business is not easy there is also large competitor, therefore, survive in the online and offline market is very thought.

But there is a solution to Google AdWords.

Google AdWords helps you to grow traffic.

As we know whenever we create and place ads on Google search engine.

Your ads are showing on the first position on your selected keywords.

Therefore there is a higher chance of getting higher traffic.

Also, there is a huge benefit of Google AdWords that Google does not show your only to you’re selected keywords but show your ads on users relevance basis.

Such as if a user Search about furniture Google AdWords show them ads only for furniture.

The relevant Ads for your business ads is very cool and drive a huge amount of traffic towards your Google ads.

By showing ads on Google AdWords you can easily rank up on Google or YouTube and beat your competitor’s website.

As we know Google AdWords is faster than SEO search engine optimization.

Control your budget  with the use of Google AdWords you can adjust your budget for your Google ads

This is one of the biggest advantages of Google AdWords as we know Google AdWords is base on an auction system where a user gives ads on auction base.

The higher bid has a higher chance of getting his ads showing on Google search engine and other Google platforms.

Despite this, you can adjust you to ads budget rather Google manual basis

For example

If you place Google ads for 50$ for 2 days and you get not enough good then you increase your budget from 50$ to 70$ or decrease your budget from 50$ to 25$.

make sure if you use Google AdWords for the first time then must select budget of you not user friendly with Google AdWords.

Specific traffic one of the best advantage of Google AdWords that why big industries invest and like to give more and more ads through Google AdWords.

Google AdWords drives specific traffic towards your ads so your ads will worth for you and your business it is because that Google AdWords show your ads to that user who really likes to get offer showing on your ads.

for example:- if you sell shoes and publish your ads with Google AdWords then in that case Google AdWords show your ads to users who are always interested in buying shoes and surf Google for searching best shoes long shoes.

And then Google shows your ads to people who are they interested in buying shoes this is a method of relevant ad system which Google AdWords is used to drive more and more traffic towards your ads so you get a higher chance of getting a result. 

Also, your ads are showing on your selected keywords or you select long shoes then Google ranked your ads into position on Google search page if users search keywords march with your ad’s keywords.

so from above given example, it makes you clear that google AdWords is more prefer to invest for your advertisement rather than any other advertising platform Google Adwords is always cost-effective and you only have to pay for results and not by giving any impression.

BONUS TIPS:– if you are not familiar with Google Adwords then I have I bonus tip for you to become user friendly with google Adwords system here what you have to take in mind before using google AdWords.

1  while creating your ads take in mind what you are going to write in your ads must clear your message

and while writing your description maybe your message must me be communicated also you have to add some exciting offers in google ads description 

also, one more thing you have to do is you must have to include the keywords of your ads in your ads heading and description to get better results.

2 selecting budget the 2nd step is you must have to manually select your own budget in Google Adwords in the first time 

when you are going start with Google AdWords you need to select a low budget as you can or prefer for your business just start with 5 $ to 50$ weekly budget.

3 you must have selected the keyword which has low competition because whenever you select high ranked keywords their CPC is high

and their competition is very high therefore I suggest you select low competition keywords.

in google keywords, there are a large number of keywords available which are just related to your google ads. 

4 well whenever you have a mind to create and place google ads with google Adwords then you must have to create and select best out of best landing page

for your google ads because more and more contentful landing page may always help you to see the conversation from your ads visitors if you make useless landing page

there is no value or use of your google ads .you also ask web developers which help you to create a beautiful landing page for your google ads.

5 if you are new users on google Adwords make more and more contentful ads and be slow while selecting bids for your google Advertisement because you know that Google AdWords is an auction site where you have to bid for highly ranked keywords .select fewer competition keywords and bid low for the first time because google will be showing only that ads which bids high for their google ads. 

6 sell something if you like to grow your business with Google Adwords then you must have to sell something

in your landing page because whenever users search about keywords and see your ads and by chance click on your ads then will on your landing

the page where you want action from the user. believe me, a user can only take any action only if you are providing some service or selling something like digital courses 

or online selling products otherwise users leave your google ad and you have to pay CPC for click

therefore really suggest you make any useful landing page if you seriously want to make your business grow.

conclusion:–  the Google Adwords is one of the best source of advertising system by google

and there is always worth to invest you can only need to pay when someone clicks on your ads

and its one of optimization advantage is that it is very faster than SEO search engine optimization because Google Adwords will also follow the same  strategies

but faster than SEO more ever you can also select your favourite keywords for your google ads in Google AdWords. Google Adwords always increase your Roi return on investment if your beginner just tries google Adwords because it always grows your business for you invest. 

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