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Low competition keywords with high traffic 2020 -techmonga

Low competition keywords with high traffic 2020 -techmonga

low competition keywords how to do keyword research for SEO fast
specifically how to get high traffic value keyword
phrases that have low difficulty score

so even if you’re brand new website and you

don’t have much domain authority you’ll be able
to start getting traffic fast because

you could hit the first page of Google search engine

for these phrases you must to do keyword research
so let’s get started

first, you maybe need a keyword researching tool which helps you to rank on the first page of google

the keyword tool that I used for keyword researching is ahref and semrush
but as we know this are paid tools and beginner can’t afford for these highly paid tools

so that today  I am going to tell you the free site where you get a lot of keywords for your website ranking

I am going to show you exactly how to do this

but first I want to know from you that you are

habituated the process of doing keyword

research before every single post writing on your website

if you are not like to research before writing content for your website then 95 % chance that you cant rank on google
so don’t worry check this out

first up I’m gonna go ahead and move towards content writing for your site
as we know
we looking for topics to write
blog posts and also how to optimize
are often a very difficult process to do

the pages for specific keyword phrases and keywords placement are too much difficult process for the beginner
generally, many peoples don’t know how to find and add keywords in their blog post

so if you start your website for the first time and you don’t know how to rank your articles on google
the only simple you have to do is just
purchase your domain and cheap hosting or you can also use google blogger
then when you try to write articles for the first time make it possible to use low competition keywords

because the keywords where you don’t have any competitor but a large number of visitors are available then suppose now what will happen now
so I suggest you use always low competition keywords
but the main question is where you get these keywords for your post to rank on google

if you search on google there are large amount keywords researching  tools are available so many are paid and so many are useless
but don’t worry in this article I tell you the best website or some special tricks to find out how to get low competition keywords with a high amount of traffic

free tools for low competition keywords research

if you are going to explore free tools are available but I am going to tell you the two main keywords researching sites which help you to find a large number of low competition keywords with a massive amount of traffic

1 uber suggest

uber suggest is one of the free tools by Neil Patel with uber-suggest you can make a lot of research for your competitor keywords and their backlinks

the uber suggest also suggest you about a different type of content ideas for writing articles you can also find a good opportunity to find backlinks for website because with uber -suggest you can easily explore your competitor backlinks

that why uber-suggest are very helpful for you to check your website at starting level uber-suggest not charge anything from you you can use it for any things about SEO search engine optimization to a limit of uber-suggest per day

2 ahref keyword research

everybody knows about ahref that this is paid tool and are not affordable by anyone so what you can do know when you visit on just scroll down to footer menu where you can see some free feature offer by ahref to you which include 
keyword generator
keyword research
backlinks checker
website DA checker
keywords ranking checker

with ahref, you can easily explore some limited keywords for your blogger post or WordPress articles. you can see there are many free features which are freely available for you to rank on google search engine
you can easily find any type of keywords and long-tail keywords

how to check keywords are of low competition

I think you may probably don’t know about long tails keywords don’t worry it is very simple
the keywords that people like to search about on google search engine and change these keywords to a sentence are called long-tail keywords

for example, you have to write an article on amazon affiliate marketing then, in that case, the main keyword main focus keyword is amazon affiliate so if you want to create a long-tail keyword for your articles then you need to change this keyword to a long tail such as how to become an amazon affiliate marketing

everything you know about the amazon affiliate program
so in this way, you can easily convert your keywords to long-tail keywords to rank fast on google search engine first page
I really suggest you find out many low competition keywords

as possible from the internet to create y our first post on blogger or WordPress articles 

take a notebook in your side and write all type of low competition keywords for creating your post

and good placement for these low competition keywords in your articles always helps you to get organic traffic from different countries. this is a good way

I have some examples of low competition keywords for you so that you can easily rank on google search engine
let’s see
roll-up garment bag 350 searches keyword difficulty  2 countries the USA
how to become blogger 1.4 k kd 14 country India, USA
Whatsapp status 2.5k KD 9 country global

so much from the above example, if you write articles  on low competition keywords you can easily rank easily by creating only 5 to 10 backlinks
by doing this your site easily rank on google and google getting trust on your site and only in one month you can easily get Google Adsense to approve for your website

create backlinks for low competition keywords

also you have to add some backlinks for rank your article on google search engine while after writing an article on low competition keywords because generally google only trust to show your website on a search result if your site has some support from another high authority website

bonus tips and conclusion for low competition keywords

bonus tip: -here I have a bonus tip for you to easily rank on google search engine first when you write on low competition keyword with high traffic while writing article find out all type of low competition keywords in your notepad and convert them into long tails keywords for your higher ranking

when you properly know about SEO you can also go for high competition keywords
after writing articles on low competition keyword you now have to create backlinks for your website to get faster result backlinks are very helpful because without backlinks google
never trust on the website and don’t prefer your site to users who search about your keywords

so backlinks are very useful for your ranking so you can rank on google just create some backlinks
some backlinks methods are
writing a guest post for another site
writing comments

conclusion:- low competition draw a high amount of traffic towards your website which is very essential for ranking on google, bing and other search engines. make it possible every time you should include low competition keywords in every article or post on blogger and WordPress
cheers !!

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