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how to upgrade my pc performance 2020 – techmonga

How to upgrade my pc performance 2020 – techmonga

how to upgrade my PC performance!

is your computer is not faster than before or your PC performance is not good to work of your office or everyone favourite gaming

if you want to upgrade your PC for best experienced rather than using your poor performance computer.

if you are going to upgrade your PC what you have to take in mind before doing this

1 ram

ram is one of the most important thing for your PC without ram your PC performance is nill or you cant use your PC without ram.

therefore while upgrade your PC check your ram size if your ram size is 2 GB

if you really want good performance from your PC then you need to manually upgrade your PC ram to DDR 3 8 gb ram.

DDR rams are very powerful ram design for computer in this days because DDR ram is automatically refresh app data in only in seconds so you get enough ram to work on your PC.

2 how to upgrade PC by operating system

are you still using old operating system then you need to upgrade to latest version .some people said operating system have no impact on performance but not whenever you download any application in your PC and you see that it takes time and sometime it will close with in second and you cant open the application if you face such type of problems with your PC then you have to upgrade your PC with new operating system because some application not supporting old operation system.

if you are still using window xp then you know about some application created are not supported by operating system

3 processor.

processor is one of the main thing in computer it is like a brain for your computer it process everything that you are doing in your computer.

which processor are good for your PC?

if you are use your computer for business then intel core i 3 processor is best suit for your work.

but if you are gaming users like me then u must have to use minimum intel core i5 for best performance because these processor are cheap ,good ,high performance.

4 get faster storage device for upgrade your PC

some peoples don’t know that storage devices are highly impact on their performance of PC

if you are using hdd hard disk drive for your PC you will get low performance it is because hard disk contains a disk which rotate with 7500 rpm ( rate per minute) imagine that your PC is highly impact with this storage your device.

before upgrading your PC processor upgrade your PC storage device to sdd

soft disk drive they don’t have any type of disk drive contain there but there price are high as compere to HDD.

but if you want good performance then absolute you need to upgrade hdd to sdd storage device.

as you compare with sdd PC with hdd PC you see the difference.

5 upgrading graphic card

if your are use your PC for office work then you don,t but if you are serious for game then you can upgrade your PC graphic card graphic card while increase your PC performance it is very useful high resolution games such s Gta 5 .

if you want to play games like pubg or gta 5 for that you need highly performance graphic card such as nvidia graphic cards for best gaming experience then ever.

some queries related upgrade of PC

upgrade my PC or bought new PC

hmm if you know that upgrade you need have to incurred some cost which are not cheap all that components such as mother board ,processor , are high price you have to pay much for this things.

as we know for purchasing intel core i 7 processor it price is more than 300$.

so if you choose another option for purchasing new laptop or PC then this most good choosing option because with new laptop you see that much you get with in very cheap price as technology grows and laptop PC prices are also fall down.

bonus tips

1 if your PC can handle upgrade

i want to tell you that if you want upgrade your PC processor i think this is not too good performance that the mother bord you re using for new processor is old generation therefore you will get enough efficiency.

therefore i suggest you to change your hard disk drive to soft disk drive for getting better result because as you in above. 

you come to know that storage devices are high impact on performance of PC

2 ram

i suggest you to always use the ddr 3 ram for getting best result . you see that there is high change with change in ram of your PC

ddr ram refresh in nano pico seconds and remove application data which you open before you will enough storage for better performance for you work.

3 change operating system

upgrade your PC performance through using new operating system some application are not supported old operating system and therefore you get problems in using them or some peoples get error while using this application.

if you are windows users make it upgrade to new latest window 10 operating system to get good performance.

really you get cool performance through upgrade to window if you are using a genium window in you computer just download media creation tools from microsoft offical website to get free upgrade to window 10.

4 best processor

according to me the best processor which support everything in good manner or working for business or playing games then intel core 13 processor is very best for you .really you get cool performance in paying cheap cost for processor

if you are using intel pentium processor then just upgrade it to intel core i7 processor to get super cool performance.

5 graphic card

as you know if you gaming user then only graphic card worth for you but if using your PC for movies,playing songs or any type of officework you do then graphic card not useful at all

also graphic card consume high electricity power for using good graphic must change your PC motherboard as you old motherboard not support this at all.

conclusion :- if your PC are very very old then you don’t need to upgrade it just get new PC or otherwise your PC have minor upgrade such as ram storage u can buy it but purchase new processor and graphic card are not useful if you are use your PC for office work

it is only worth for peoples who love games.

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