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how to rank no 1 on google

 how to rank no 1 on  google 

Hello guys welcome to our blog again in this tutorial we are going to learn how you can easily track on Google number one position what is the method to rank on google
 for how Google find your content is valuable and issue on number one position

 so let’s get started

 if you are a beginner you probably don’t know about SEO today we are talking about how have you help you to reach the number one position of Google and beat your competition

 SEO means Search Engine Optimisation it is a process or technique to highly rank your post as per search engine conditions to rank your article

 you are mainly of two types

 on-page and off-page

 on-page SEO  on pages you is a technology or technique to optimise your article by adding most cracking keywords long paragraphs and quality full content than your competitors

 off-page SEO

 it is a technique property my your article from outside of your website by adding backlinks to your website article from other websites which  have a good  repudiation in the eyes of Google and other search engines

 the People’s most of the beginners believe in writing more and more content but nobody cares about their marketing if you are a beginner 

I suggest you write at least 224 articles per week but not every day because you don’t get enough time to market this article

 by marking I mean if you have a new website you probably don’t know  by search engines and peoples and your audience so first, you need to create your own audience by sharing your article on Facebook Pinterest by submitting to other search engines like being Yahoo and sending the bulk emails related your article to rank this article

 I hope you know about how to rank your article on Google will SEO if you want to learn more about SEO  please visit this link

 there is a full tutorial about  SEO

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