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how to find your lost android phone with these 4 simple methods

Find your lost or stolen mobile with this simple 4 methods

  if you lost your Android mobile phone or it was stolen from you then there are many ways which help you to find the stolen or lost device even if it is impossible for you to get somewhat is their exact location and what could have happened.

 first of all whenever you lost of mobile or it has been stolen the first step you need to complain about your stolen mobile because it is very necessary you have to follow that

 but there are many simple methods which are very helpful to find your phone even if stolen in a large and busy location 

 ways to find your lost device

1 find your Android

 if you are an Android user and you stole mobile but if  you created a Gmail account in mobile if you know about your Gmail username and password you are very lucky and your mobile may be easily  locatable

 what you need to do 

 open your Google 

search for find your Android or where is my Android

 simply login with your Gmail and password

 now you  can easily see your mobile on-screen onGoogle Map  to find your mobile exact location

 more ever you can add the password to your device and completely reset your device if you don’t like to misuse your data in your mobile

 this is one of the best ways to find your lost device or stolen device and it is very effective

2 find your mobile with Google Map

this is also very simple and effective to find your lost and stolen Android device what do you need to simply go to Google Map

and click on timeline location at the time and location your mobile will show on Google Map

but make sure your device is connected with the internet connection and the location of your mobile always turn on

3  third party lost Android device finder

this is also the very effective method you can download this program in the Google Play Store after installing, the application will change its icon in a picture of notepad so the thief won’t know about the service in your Android device

you have to give all the permission about to your location and your internet information you also need to load the software to enter the browser interface 

now open your Google Chrome browser

and visit www

Now all of the work is now done from your browser  to find your lost  Android device

 this application Android lost required some specific location from your mobile 

 permissions are

  • When dialling and turning on the vibration
  •  location
  • Reading all SMS messages or sending new ones
  • Backup contacts, images, SMS inbox, audio files.

 4  new sim alert

 if you are an Android user you notice that there is a feature  new sim alert in your Android device setting

 simply turn on the setting

 whenever you lost your mobile or stolen by someone and insert his sim in your mobile

 you  will  get alert for new  sim card is detected in your mobile

 this is a very helpful service on your mobile phone if you are an iPhone user you also get this service in your iPhone setting

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