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How to find the best keywords for your article in 2020

How to find the best keywords for your article in 2020

are you still finding the best keywords for articles or you can’t rank on google without any best keywords so where to find these keywords?

there are many methods available online to find keywords like premium like ahref, I don’t recommend premium methods so what is the best and free ways to find the best keywords for your articles so you can easily rank your articles within a seconds on Google and other search engines so, first of all, you need to do open google


open Chrome browser and search for and open any kind of keyword like the search for technology whenever your search for a technology keyword and scroll down the last of the page on 1st page of Google you find many of the keywords which you can add in your articles free of cost like if I search for technology keyword then I found more than 15 keywords related technology like technology NEWS technology example type of technology articles technology development technology formation technology

And etc

these are those keywords which are highly searched on the Google by millions of the users who are using Google or other search engines so you have to focus on these keywords in your articles to rank higher like information about technology or types of technology you have to write an article about types of technology like mobile gadgets internet anything you want to write


in these days YouTube is the second biggest social media platform by Google where you can also find millions of keywords at free of cost you may be noticed whenever your search for anything on YouTube you have suggested keywords like if you search about how to

then you find many keywords by YouTube automatically like how to be a engineer how to develop software how to be a game developer how to download the Google search engine or being Yahoo

uber suggest

one of my favourite tool on the internet by Neil Patel so what you can do with Uber suggest also if you have a website you have also many competitors so what is the best way to beat your competitors whenever you put your competitor website on uber suggest you find thousands of keywords on which your competitor ranks on so you can easily beat your competitors by having those keywords in your article and focus mainly on those keywords and you may be rank on in first hundred searches on Google so this is the best way to outrank your competitors

If you are a beginner don’t spend money on finding keywords it’s your first try on the website and you don’t have to know about ranking of the keywords what is low competition keywords so don’t waste your money please try with first free keywords in your articles and drive some traffic on your website

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