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How much organic traffic you will get with 50 articles on blog ?

 How much organic traffic you will get with 50 articles on the blog?

want organic traffic

organic traffic
everyone wants organic traffic on their website from Google and other search engines more the organic traffic you get on your website which is very useful to increase your website ranking and moreover your blog or website revenue goes on the rise

how to increase your blog organic traffic

yes you can increase traffic on your website but is not easy to do
the organic traffic on your website can’t be an increase within one day you have to do much work to increase the ranking of your website and many golden rules you need to follow to increase your organic traffic sources

if you know there are many peoples tell you to do many methods if you want to increase your website traffic

but wait I suggest real way don’t try everything works only on a real method which boosts your ranking high and you will definitely get a huge amount of traffic on your website

proven ways to get organic traffic

do you know there are many things to do SEO and also SEO takes time if you write contentful articles but everyone doesn’t know about your blog then you have no chance of getting organic traffic
here are the best and essential ways to get organic traffic

1 guest posting

if you notice when you write articles on your website is don’t know to google and after writing these beautiful articles your website can’t get any amount of traffic
it is because google rank only those articles which get linking from other website articles
in other words, this is one of the biggest method used by Google and other search engines to know which articles need to rank in top results
what you have to do
there are many SEO tools are here which help you to access backlinks of your competitor’s website
such as sem rush, ahref and ubersuggest
you can easily use these tools to find out the backlinks of your competitors
send emails to all the website which give your competitors a do-follow backlink

in emails tell them hi can I write a guest post for your website and in return can you give me backlink in your website
yes this is one of the effective ways to get millions of organic traffic
when you get backlinks from another website within a month your articles rank on google

now google know about your website that you have votes or links from their website it means your articles are good and contentful
then Google will rank you google try to show your articles to the users who search about your articles and then you will get a huge amount of organic traffic on your website articles

2 keywords

when your articles on your website how many times you will focus on your articles keywords
do you add low competition keywords on your website I mean
sometimes there some keywords which have a large number of competitors and you can’t get any amount of traffic on your website if you write articles on your website related this articles

this trick won’t tell you anything
you have to add some low competition keywords

for example, the iPhone has a large amount of traffic and competitors you know you cant survive
now find out keywords which have zero competitors but a huge amount of traffic
such as new-iPhone-features have nil competitors and moreover, one of the good thing you don’t need backlinks to get rank in low competition keywords

use some keywords which have a low amount of competitions in your articles

3 don’t ignore SEO

SEO search engine optimization is one of the essential parts of your website and doesn’t try to ignore it
Here are some very important tips you should never ignore.
1. Site Speed
is your website faster then your competitor’s website check your website speed with google page analyzer

2 web hosting
use the best web hosting service for your website to get load it faster and your website handle more visitors
don’t try any free Webhosting service for your website

3 Optimize your images

4 Avoid redirections

5 Responsive website design
There are more smartphones in this world than toothbrushes. try to Optimizing your blog for mobile devices is very important.

6 Use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
7 Create an XML sitemap
8 Create a Robots.txt file
9 use social media
spy on your competitors what their users and audience like the most
suppose how many of your competitors are active on social media account

such as quora Reddit Facebook fan page
all this help you to analysis your organic traffic and driving maximum organic traffic

use your social media account built your audience share your new post on the Facebook fan page

organic traffic vs paid traffic

many people asking that what is the basic difference between organic traffic and paid traffic

organic traffic meaning: the traffic you get on your website from Google and other search engines by ranking your articles by creating backlinks and doing on-page SEO

paid traffic: the traffic you get from search engines but with the help of professionals like SEO experts or a company which create backlinks for your website articles and doing SEO for your articles and rank you higher in SERP

Epic content
do you know your content that what you write in your articles because this is a base of your website all other things are not much use if your content is not beautiful

sometimes you create articles of 1000 words and you doing SEO, and creating a huge amount of backlinks for your website but but
your content is still not ranking the reason is your content

you have created everything you doing proper SEO and backlinks keyword research for your articles but if your competitors write the best content then you write with creating fewer backlinks or no backlinks he is still ranking
that why try to write any epic content for your website articles
Search for the keyword you want to rank for.

1. Check posts ranked on top and analyze their content.

2. Find out what is missing in the content.

3. Create your content better than your competitor by providing the missing information.

4. Make your content even better by using visuals, table of contents and good design.

one more thing if your articles are more content full peoples automatically start linking back to you

GROWING TRAFFIC is very easy if you follow steps take patience because blogging is a slower process and it takes time to work
you need to work hard for the first time after that you see that you start getting traffic to write a guest post for your articles to get do-follow backlinks for your website

make beautiful content for more than 1500 words to get faster-growing traffic because google find very important and valuable material on the internet to show to their visitors use SEO ( search engine optimization) use target keywords or low competition keywords and one more thing don’t waste your money on paid ads
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