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how Instagram help you increase your business


 how Instagram help you increase your business

 as we know today Instagram is one of the best and famous social media on the internet there are the large quantity of the users using Instagram daily an average there are 500 million users active per day so you can easily know that this is one of the famous places where there is a value for your brand for your business and you get really interested buyers who really want the product  you made

 so today in this article we are going to discuss the best possible ways to improve or make your business online with Instagram

 but before starting this article I want to share something special facts about Instagram which you can say that this is a genuine way to increase my sales

 effects of Instagram business promoting

 more than 60% of the peoples on Instagram following brand accounts

 when a celebrity promotes a product on Instagram up to 85% chance the people can purchase 

 65% of peoples share brand products to their friends

 the engagement rate of brand products is 5% on Instagram

 there are many big companies like Adidas Gucci increase their brand awareness with the help of Instagram all these companies spend less and earn more

 let’s start how to start your business or promote your business on Instagram

for starting an Instagram business, you need to know which type of business you are doing or what is the nature of your business I mean selling clothes, home products makeup products anything you have to target only that audience who are interested in  your niche products 

now Instagram help you to increase awareness of your product to the more and more community of a people so you get the best reputation in the online world

how do you can use your hashtags to increase traffic on the brand that how many peoples are using or tag your brand in captions you get an average that how many peoples see your products like your hashtags and post on your hashtags with your products?

be an expert with Instagram business

for doing business with Instagram you have to be an expert in advertisement system you know each and every essential thing before placing ads on Instagram to promote your business 

make your account allow to share most important information about your product which you wany to increase the sale of your product what are the prices where you can buy what are the good qualities of these anything which is related with your product

View insights

thanks to Instagram for this feature I love this feature because here you can get all of the data about which age group which peoples from which community watch your product  and whose people likely to buy your product and how many of the peoples try to share your products with     their friends

you can easily watch how many other peoples click on your ads and go to your website for how many of the phone calls you get it is a good feature by Instagram 

engage with your audience

the best way to make a relation with your audience and customers Instagram allow you to get in touch with your audience with the help of their features in the advertisement so you need to to build relationships with your audience so you can target them after and afterwards without getting ads you can easily collect their emails when they buy your products or any other contact form which you want audience happy by giving promo codes

increase your sale

one of the best ever feature on Instagram that there is value for anything which you can put in your advertisement related your business for example if you have a gaming company you can easily see  that many big companies use Instagram to promote their games addition these companies get 90% of installs of the games when a single ad is displayed by a user is likely to try this game for once

set your budget

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