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5 important off-page SEO strategies( boost your rank ) -techmonga

 5 important off-page SEO strategies( boost your rank )  -techmonga

SEO strategies

hello guys welcome to our website today I am telling you the 5 most important SEO strategies in off-page SEO so that you can easily beat your competition

as you there are a large amount of competition on every keyword and choosing keyword is very difficult but on other hands, if you find a keyword for your post then after writing on that keyword you can’t on google first page

search engine come to know about your website and article only if your website is highly ranked or such as high DA PA of your website

because search engine never read your full article they only come to know the quality of article if other website support your articles

in other simple words the more and more votes you have on your article

the more preference is given to your article by search engine

so don’t worry what to do

let’s check this 5 important SEO strategies to beat the competition

  • linking to other sites
  • blog less
  • drive traffic from social media
  • domain
  • article submission

1 linking to other sites

this is one of the important and #1 SEO strategies you need to follow to increase your ranking on google if you read the above article you learn that any search engine never read your article they only check the other high-level website promote your article or giving any type backlinks to your article

this is easily learned by the voting system the more votes your article from other sites you win and rank on google first page

so what you need to do in this step

after writing your article you have to get backlinks from another website

but getting backlinks from other website is not easy work

you can get backlinks by creating a guest post for another high authority website after writing guest you simple need to add your website URL in that guest post then you can easily get a do-follow backlink from that website

if you have less time and can’t write articles for another website then you have many other options s for creating backlinks

creating infographics

writing comments on the high-level website

read more about backlinks

2 blog less

how many of you write an article every day for your website and I know after writing a long article more than 1000 words everyday you can’t get any time for its promotion

if you do not promote your article then all your hard work on writing such a long article are going waste if you watch videos on SEO many peoples suggest you write an article every day

but I said a big no

if you write an article who know about your article and how you can rank on google how you will get traffic

if you think you can get traffic by writing more and more content then it is useless you have to write more than 1 article in every 3 days

one day for the article and other 2 days for its promotion

by promotion, I mean you have to tell peoples about your content full article

send emails to peoples to get attract on your articles

write an answer to a query on Quora .com

Share your article on Facebook groups

the more important things create a guest post for another website to get backlink and rank #1 on google

4 drive traffic from social media

this is very easy step if you have are old in creating a website then you know also create you website pages on social media after writing an article on your sites just add on social media to drive massive traffic because in these day peoples love to spend more time on Instagram and Facebook and also you can share your article on Facebook groups in Facebook you can get millions of groups and share your article on that group to get traffic also send emails to you can easily get long data on google about peoples email address just send email to peoples about your article

4 domain

the domain name also plays an important role in your ranking choosing high level such as .com .net you can easily boost your ranking worldwide

if you want to earn from the website in a long time then select high-level domain name and avoid these domain names .ml,.tk,.GQ moreover you cant Adsense approve on these domains so purchase high-level domain

example .com domain is used worldwide then .in are used in India sites only if you select .in domain you can’t get enough traffic for your sites because your sites are only rank only in India

on the other hand choosing .com domain name while helping you to rank on worldwide

therefore I suggest you choose a high-level domain name for an excellent result in ranking 

5 article submission

if your website has high da pa you can add article submission on your sites to get a free article for peoples who want a backlink from your website

for example sites by harsh Aggarwal he also adds article submission and more than 781 bloggers share their articles on that sites for getting one do-follow backlink

you can easily earn from other peoples articles just give time in article promotion and you while definitely rank on google first page

and last all above give steps or strategies are very important if you follow these steps you can easily get the result in more then 1 month just try this out

all the SEO experts follow these SEO strategies and you also need to try this out

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